Photoshop, Illustrator & Procreate.
arte & latte is a passion project that grew from my love for the arts and coffee. arte & latte serves as a coffee shop with the space, tools and resources for artists to develop their craft.
When creating the logo for Arte & Latte, I aimed for a modern and clean aesthetic that would give the art and illustrations room to shine. To add a friendly touch, I opted for a round font that gives off warmth and welcomes everyone into the space.
The ampersand, in particular, holds a special connection in the logo. Not only does it represent the union between "Arte" and "Latte," but it also serves as a playful mix-and-match element that can be used in different ways across the brand assets. Whether it's on a shirt or a cup, the ampersand adds a touch of whimsy and fun to the visual identity.
When it came to selecting the primary color for Arte & Latte, I knew that I wanted something warm and inviting. I settled on a soft, off-white hue that gives a sense of calm and tranquility. I wanted the space to feel like a place where people could focus on their work without any distractions, specially with other people working on their projects around.
To complement the off-white, I chose navy and burgundy as supporting colors. These deep, rich hues add a touch of elegance the brand. For the illustrations, I opted for light blue and light red to pop against the neutral backdrop. The result is a clean and modern look that feels both professional and approachable.
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