Graphite and charcoal drawing
In June  2022, I took part in an online art gallery by Poder Latinx called "Galeria de Colores". The gallery showcases artwork by Latinx artist around the themes of Pride & Immigration, Latina Empowerment, Latinx Heritage Month, and Dia de Muertos.
I did my piece under the topic of immigration.
You can check out the gallery at here.​​​​​​​
“For My Dad, The Painter”
In 2009, my family made the difficult decision to leave our home country of Colombia to chase the “American Dream.” Without many financial resources, my parents worked hard to set the groundwork to create a new foundation in the United States, a new opportunity that would provide me with the chance to chase new pathways and plant my own roots.
“For My Dad, The Painter” is a graphite-based piece dedicated to my Dad, who has spent more than a decade working as a painter. Like millions of undocumented individuals, he was forced into a field based on arduous labor because of his status. Undocumented immigrants don’t get to retire, continuing hard labor jobs well into the traditional “retirement” age to support their families. 
My Dad’s life can be portrayed by a series of hard work and selfless sacrifices - this piece is just a small way for me to commemorate the decisions he has made to give me a life full of love and support. This piece is based on his hands at work, drawn three times to depict the repetitiveness of a motion he spends 10 hours a day doing, often under extreme weather conditions. The three hands also signify unity within the community, his story is duplicated many times over as millions experience the same constraints due to a lack of status. 
Necesitamos un cambio en el sistema.
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