Photoshop & Illustrator
This is a design project about myself and my own art/design brand. Through this branding, I am able to showcase myself and my personality, as well as what inspires me and what motivates me.
When I was creating my logo, I really wanted it to reflect who I am as a person. I have always been someone who tries to bring a positive energy to everything I do, and I wanted that to be reflected in my logo. That's why I chose to use a lowercase "n" - it feels more friendly and approachable to me.
When it comes to my work, I try to have a more serious tone. I take a lot of pride in being very detail-oriented and producing high-quality work. That's why I decided to use a capital "P" in my last name - it represents that more professional side of me.
When it came to choosing the colors for my logo, I knew I wanted to incorporate the flag of the country where I was born, Colombia. But I also wanted to include my creative side. I chose a palette of the three primary colors. It feels like a fun, vibrant choice that reflects both sides of who I am.
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