Photoshop & InDesign
Strike Magazine is the largest student-run publication in the United States.
Strike Magazine's Orlando chapter boasts over 100 students who collaborated to a publication that showcases the best work from each member. With contributions spanning photography, writing, set design, makeup, editorial, social media design, and event planning, the team worked together seamlessly to bring Issue 06 of the magazine to life.
I was part of the social media team as a graphic designer and part of the editorial team as an art assistant.
Strike Magazine's Issue 06 released on April 29th, 2023.
You can check out the magazine digitally here.
Social Media Graphic Designer
As a social media graphic designer, I was tasked with creating graphics for Strike's Instagram, using a cohesive color palette and style that worked along the theme of the magazine's upcoming issue.
In order to further support the theme, I designed a unique handwritten font and digital assets that I used in various graphics. To create the font, I wrote out each letter and number, and hand-drew the accompanying assets. Once complete, I scanned the designs and uploaded them to a website that enabled me to convert them into a downloadable, working font. By sharing this resource with my team members, they too were able to use the font and digital assets to create graphics.

Art Assistant
As an art assistant in the editorial team, I was in charge of the editorial design in one of the magazine's spreads. Working with the editor-in-chief, creative director, art director and other art assistants, we created set guides and structure in order to keep a consistent layout through the different spreads of the magazine.
As the lead for the "Sharks in the Pool" spread, I was responsible for designing a cover that would catch readers' attention. Additionally, I was tasked with organizing the layout of articles and photos provided by both the writing and photography teams in a creative manner that emphasized legibility and showcased the imagery.

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