Nicolas PolaniaVisual artist and graphic designer 
based in Orlando, FL.


Brentwood Nursery Rebrand


Brentwood Nursery is a local Orlando nursery that has been around since 2012. Brentwood Nursery provides a wide variety of plants for homes, pottery and decoration. Brentwood also has products for businesses, providing full size trees, palms and landscaping greenery.

For this project, I was responsible for the research, new logo and establishing a new brand identity.

New Logo

Old Logo

Why the rebrand?

The old logo was not scalable, had irregular type and unnecessary elements that cluttered the logo.

Local Competitors

Goals of the Rebrand

Establish an initial visual identity for the company with an updated, more welcoming  image. The new brand identity will help stand out among competitors by having an identity that expands more than just a wordmark. The new identity will also help extend the professionalism and experience that Brentwood Nursery has.

Before starting on ideating the logo, there was competitor research done and I explored what type of image the new identity neede to convey.   


Some of the ideas that stood out the most involved inside of the figure and using the capital B as a shape.